About Us

The Redford Commission on Youth and Families is a team of like-minded individuals who have come together to provide opportunities and support for local Redford Township residents and their families. 

In 1993, Judge Karen Khalil began seeing a spike in juvenile delinquency in Redford Township.  Judge Khalil quickly reached out to community and business leaders to form a committee to address these issues.  With the support of many concerned citizens, the Redford Commission on Children’s Issues was created.  The “Children’s Commission” as it came to be known, immediately began forming partnerships with key organizations including Botsford Hospital (now Beaumont Hospital – Farmington Hills), 17th District Court, and the Redford Township Police Department.  The Children’s Commission brought Redford Union Schools and South Redford Schools together and introduced the first Family Expo, as well as partnering with AAA of Michigan and the Police Department to introduce Leadership Training for Safety Patrol.  Aiming at better health for Township youth, a 5K and 10K was sponsored in collaboration with the 17th District Court and the Police Department.

In addition to the yearly donations made by Botsford Hospital, the Children’s Commission began holding its annual golf outing at Glenhurst Golf Course, including the 24th Annual Redford Commission on Children’s Issues Golf Outing this past July!  With more financial support, the Children’s Commission began co-sponsoring the Children’s Concert Series, a College Readiness Program, and Poetry Nights at the Redford Township Library, as well as educational seminars in Mental Health, Cyber Bullying, and Human Trafficking.  

The Children’s Commission realized that they were now not just supporting Redford Township’s youth, but the entire family!  In 2015, this energetic and dedicated organization adopted the new, more fitting, name of the Redford Commission on Youth and Families, and is continuing to make a substantial impact on the Redford Township community. 

"The mission of the Redford Commission on Youth and Families is to create and maintain comprehensive strategies to
meet the educational, recreational, treatment, social and moral needs of all Redford's family members, young and old."